'The Boss'
(Sir) Alan Goldwater began his rise to power working as a tea-boy for a major toy company following a boyhood obsession with beautifully crafted die-cast models. His fixation on perfection, Scale models and ambition started before that though at school where many a classmate was cruelly stepped on in his rise to head prefect, chess team champion, teacher's pet and school bully. The only thing that didn't appeal was sport, fairly evident as he is as wide as he is tall and is just about glued to his throne, I mean seat! These character traits have unfortunately carried over into his working life. Pretty insufferable company with an over-bearing personality and an ego the size of a planet, he does nevertheless pay extremely well, knows a good product when he sees it and, of course, is always right - git!
Art Director
Laurence Russell-Sewell, our esteemed Art Director has a certain 'flair'! He is a busy fellow spending his time flitting between auction houses and interior decorating as well as guiding our art department. His interest in aviation comes through a family connection going back to the late thirties when his grandfather, a commercial artist working in advertising and illustrating book covers for saucy novels was called up for service in the first year of WWII. Initially serving his time as an 'orrible little ERK', his artistic talents were soon put to use painting 'nose art' on bombers serving with Canadian units of RAF bomber command, a useful dodge for avoiding the drudge of square bashing and latrine duty. This fired up a passion in Laurence for preserving this much admired art in decal form, re-exposing the 'Ladies of the Night' for current and future generations to appreciate!
Isaac Turin definitely has a head for figures, from his early days at school it was apparent that he had a skill with numbers, selling his services to classmates for sorting out their maths homework whilst excelling in Physics, Statistics and of course, Mathematics, passing all his exams with flying colours. After an equally lucrative period at university, he spent his formative years working for MI6 in their overseas slush-fund department (he doesn't speak about that, hush-hush), then left for a less risky and more lucrative career working for the banking industry, then for hire to private firms using his 'creative tax dodging' skills to any who would pay. Alas, age and burn-out have caught up with him and he now works for us sorting out our finances. Always one step ahead of the powers-that-be, he hasn't let us down yet!
Head Researcher
Des is our dedicated reference-monger, doggedly tracking down the minutiae that goes into completing each nose art set we produce.
His day job used to involve him working for a private investigator and this helped him develop a nose to rival the keenest truffle-hunting pig, able track down facts that prove all too elusive to us mere mortals.
His skill is almost super-natural but we still laugh when he confidently predicts that some know-it-all will always try to second guess him after we have produced a lovingly crafted decal sheet!
Our go-to lens-man, Gerry has served his career over twenty years, ie back in the dark ages when this quaint material called 'film' was used in cameras. Had to be processed in a 'dark room', must have been a sod to do when you can't see a thing? He has worked for Fleet Street (before that also went the way of the Dodo), a bona-fide member of the paparazzi. He then went on to work freelance shooting models for gentlemen's magazines but had to give that up as he came down with a nasty case of 'over-exposure'. Basically he was forced to find less distracting work elsewhere, and due to being pretty desperate ended up with us shooting plastic models instead!
Liz is our enthusiastic young artworker hired right out of art college. Whilst at there, Liz did a short placement at a major toy company which gave her an appreciation for the huge scope of art which has been produced over the years on all sorts of vehicles. Whilst her first love is fashion design, the vintage style of nose art characters caught her attention and, until she finds a job more in keeping with her interests, she is learning her craft with us creating high quality renderings for many of the decal sheets we produce, the problem we have is keeping her from adding more clothing to protect the modesty of some of the more scantily clad air-maidens!
Lance is our not-so-enthusiastic young artworker also hired out of art college. He admits he had very little interest in doing much of anything that involved effort but had a flair for figure drawing, life-drawing classes being one of the few college activities you didn't need to tip him out of bed for.
It is this interest in the female form which drives him to produce such accurate re-renderings of the classic nose-art we produce, the only problem we have is keeping him fueled up with enough coffee to stop him nodding off onto the monitor, his other 'sin' being on-line gaming into the small hours.
Resident Modeller
Definitely not your average 'box-shaker', Dale, our resident model maker, has a fastidious obsession with uber-detailing.
No matter that no-one will ever see it, he knows it's there!
Even if the kit is of the highest standard, he just has to get the latest after-market goodies to go to the moon and back hyper detailing his latest masterpiece.
Bit of a pain when you need the model finished for Gerry to shoot for the website though . . .
Our Sally certainly has a gift when it comes to marketing, she could sell sand to the Arabs with just the subtlest flick of an eye-lash. Not that she should be taken as mere window dressing. Sal has a PHD & Batchelor's Degree in statistics and finances, a doctorate in Quantum Mechanics, an IQ of 180 and lifetime membership of MENSA. Why the heck she's working for us is frankly beyond our understanding . . .
She'll will be more than happy to discuss your next project in detail. Please email us or ring 00 44 (0) 1702 420458
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